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As a new type of building material, steel structure has been pushed to the construction market. Therefore, it has been favored by many people and has a good understanding of the type and quantity of this steel structure. Let's learn about it.
The main test objects of steel structure are steel structure beam support, truss compression members, bolts, welds, etc., as well as the bearing capacity of the main structure of the whole steel structure. As a building safety appraisal company, if the steel structure building is inspected, it is necessary to conduct on-site investigation on the basic situation of the structure, paying special attention to whether the load-bearing members, joints and tensile structural members have protective layer or refractory layer falling off, the tensile structure is loose, the bolts in the joint area are loose, etc.
The spraying protection of steel structure shall be carried out by a trained and qualified construction team. The safety technology and labor protection during construction shall be implemented in accordance with the current relevant regulations. When the steel structure is installed in place, the boom, horse rail, pipe rack and other relevant parts shall be installed in place. After passing the acceptance, the construction of fireproof coating can be carried out.
The steel structure is set on the wall or ceiling composed of refractory materials, or the elements are hidden in the gap between two walls. As long as you add a little or no refractory, you can achieve the purpose of fire prevention. It is an economic fire prevention method. The expansion material adopts steel structure fireproof coating to protect the components, which has good fire and heat insulation performance, and the construction is not limited by the geometry of steel structure.
In the past, people used to build houses with reinforced concrete, but now many people choose steel structure to build houses, factories and so on. This is also because the steel structure has the advantages of good plasticity, high strength, fast construction speed and low cost. Although steel structure buildings have many advantages, the disadvantage is that some steel structures are exposed, which will cause certain potential safety hazards.
The surface of steel structure is generally coated with fireproof coating. Fire retardant coating is an important natural barrier to ensure the re installation of steel structures in case of safety accidents. Protect the fireproof coating as much as possible. If damaged, repair it immediately. Preliminary results have been achieved in the use, maintenance and management of steel structure machinery.
Some professionals have formulated and implemented maintenance systems and formulated strict maintenance systems according to the actual situation of the community. The maintenance personnel are specially responsible for the inspection and maintenance of steel structure machinery, regularly check the maintenance regulations, and regularly summarize, evaluate and feed back the maintenance work.
Jinan light steel structure believes that it is necessary to formulate on-site safety operation procedures and strictly implement the procedure of "one vehicle and one operation". Whether it is the working environment, safety production measures or the layout of various equipment, the principles of stability, comprehensiveness, safety and civilization must be followed.
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