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Over the years, with the growth of society and the continuous renewal of decorative art and decorative materials, the decorative courage and spirit of various artistic situations have sprung up. The trend of returning to simplicity has become a new fashion. As a pedantic iron art with the courage and spirit of traditional art decoration, it has been noted with new content and life, and is widely used in the construction of external decoration and interior decoration, Furniture decoration and environmental decoration occupy a place in today's decoration because of their bright characteristics, courage, simplicity, economy and practicality, and simple technology
Those rich and elegant, prosperous and delicate classical iron courtyard doors and iron villa doors It is expensive because of its elegant handmade style, which makes it a special product for aristocrats and rich people The decorative aesthetic achievements of these iron products have reached the supreme level, and this effect is the reason for their growth and dissolution During the French Revolution at the end of the 35th century, Louis XVI's noble and gentle head fell on the guillotine. These iron products with elegant decoration and boldness were abandoned by poor civilians at the same time
These artistic skills of lightness, exaggeration, fluency and softness, the contemporary art movement proposed "natural decoration and good skills" to intercept the artistic mind of retro "leading fashion" planning Various curves and straight lines are abstracted from the shapes of animals and plants in nature The "iron decoration" represents the progress of many art works from the place of today's art to the place of today's art. It represents the courage of the art of decoration at the entrance of Paris
With the extension of the river of time, iron art, as a creative material with a great sense of time and full of classical beauty, is skillfully used The people of iron art smelt the most pedantic materials in the world with the aesthetics and skills of today's people, and expanded the application of iron to new fields with their exclusive mind, making a good interpretation The iron courtyard gate is popular because it has the following characteristics:
In line with environmental protection It is elegant in workmanship, fair in process, vigorous in technology, smooth in appearance, smooth in burrs, well protected against corrosion and rust, well proportioned and well penetrative, without affecting human visual vision, weatherproof, anti-aging, insect resistant, hard and hard, suitable for quiet distance and firm strength, proud of the signs of height, fat and thin, and no hindrance. Flawless or flawless economical and practical.