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There are thousands of styles of courtyard doors in the market. In most owner's houses, the house courtyard door is the main product, providing their own private space for the house courtyard. The iron gate of the house not only has a strong decorative effect, but also saves a lot of space. Private customization, choose the appropriate courtyard style, and make the building more brilliant. So what should we pay attention to when customizing the iron gate of the house?
Space limitation - some owners believe that the iron gate of the house is both space saving and decorative. Door opening modes include splayed door opening, single-sided translational door opening, double-sided translational door opening, etc. each mode has certain requirements for the space around the door opening.
Style restrictions -- choose different styles according to the overall style of the house, such as European style courtyard door, Chinese style courtyard door and new Chinese style courtyard door. In a word, the frame shape of the iron door of the house should match the overall style, otherwise it will be or. A better way is a one-to-one system.
Jinan iron gate is widely used, such as kitchen and dining room, storage room, cloakroom, balcony and living room, wardrobe door, even some decorative screens and walls in shower room and bathroom. It can also be widely used as a background wall. After the iron door of the house is opened, the base material or curtain wall of the original wall can be exposed, and the visual effect of screen modeling can be produced when it is closed. The iron doorframe of the house is light. Compared with the revolving door, it takes up less space and is highly decorative.
There are many kinds of house iron doors, including horizontal translation sliding doors, single rail left-right sliding doors, left-right sliding doors, and double rail doors that can also be overlapped. There are also folding house iron doors, which are divided into ferroalloy frames and profile frames according to their materials. In the actual home decoration, commonly used are iron alloy house iron doors and on-site wooden house iron doors. At the same time, the door styles are also varied. Customers can choose the right style according to their own needs.
In addition, before the customization of Jinan iron gate, it is necessary to understand the printing process on the iron gate. In fact, this is a method of making iron flowers, which includes a shed and hanging fireworks. Its characteristics are: the shed is a net body, the lower part of the net body is equipped with a temporary support, the upper part of the top of the shed is equipped with fresh and wet branches, the branches are bound with fireworks, firecrackers and fire racks, and the fire frame is equipped with a straight fire.
At the same time, a 3-4 meter high vertical rod is installed in the middle of the grid body of the flower shed, which is fixed on the shed by steel pipes, and the vertical rod is equipped with firecrackers, fireworks and fire shelves. The fire carrier is equipped with a straight upward flame for color setting.
An iron melting furnace is set beside the upright pole of the flower shed. The furnace is filled with high-temperature juice above 1700 ℃, which is composed of 100kg white pig iron, 30kg coke, 5kg quartzite, 5kg white limestone and 3kg magnesium powder. The flower beater writes the juice into the perforated and grooved flower stems, quickly stands under the flower shed, puts on the safety cover, and then uses another flower stem to strike the flower stems containing iron juice on the branches with fireworks, firecrackers and the flames in the flower shed, so that the iron juice rushes to the branches and spreads out, and sets off firecrackers, firecrackers, fireworks and kindling to form iron fireworks.
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