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With the rapid development of building steel structure technology and increasing mechanization, light metal plates and their supporting portal frames and other series of light steel structures have been widely used. Now let's talk about 7 questions about Jinan light steel structure.
1. Why is light steel the main structural system?
The steel is easy to be processed in the factory, and the quality can be strictly controlled; Stable quality, high strength, good seismic performance and corrosion resistance; Light weight, reduce basic cost; High construction speed and low cost; Anti white mosquito, not easy to burn, long structural durability, nearly 100% recycling rate of green building materials, no waste; Compared with ordinary structures (steel concrete or brick concrete), steel structures have advantages.
2. What is the price of light steel structure system?
Stable steel price; Compared with traditional buildings, personnel engaged in steel structure construction have lower requirements, which is convenient for manual publicity; Short construction period, reducing cost; The light steel structure system has light weight, low requirements for foundation and foundation, and saves costs; Light steel structure wall is thin, saving more use area; In favor of industrialization, the comprehensive cost of light steel structure housing system is getting lower and lower.
3. Can the light steel structure rearrange the space in the room?
Yes. The light steel structure residence is easy to be designed as a large span and space, and the internal space is divided into various use spaces by non bearing walls according to the functional needs. As long as residents use simple tools, they can repair the structural system without destroying the entire structural system.
4. Does light steel structure require high foundation? Is the basic cost high?
Not high. Because the light steel structure system is light, only 25% of the concrete structure and 60% of the wood structure, so the cement ground with low requirements for the foundation, high terrain and simple thickness can be used as the light steel structure foundation as long as it meets the fixing requirements of the steel structure column, and the foundation cost is greatly reduced.
5. Can the light steel structure residence withstand natural disasters such as earthquake or hurricane?
Yes. Steel structure is one of the anti-seismic structures that designers like. Because of its high strength and good flexibility, steel can effectively absorb the huge damage energy caused by earthquakes and hurricanes, thus protecting the entire structure from serious damage.
6. Is light steel structure residence suitable for seaside construction?
It can be built at the seaside. According to the national standard, the corrosion resistance of steel members is improved by increasing the amount of galvanization. After technical treatment, the steel structure is also suitable for seaside construction with guaranteed durability.
7. Is it necessary to pay higher insurance premium for light steel structure residence?
no need. In fact, on the contrary, you usually do not have to pay more for insurance. The steel structure has excellent seismic performance, is not easy to burn, and is a more stable and reliable structural system.
In addition, local deformation and paint coating peeling and damage occurred during the installation of light steel structure. There are many causes, such as improper binding position of transportation, stacking and lifting points, and disordered installation sequence during component installation, which requires operators to take preventive measures in advance. Follow us for more information http://www.jnghbxg.com Come on!