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At present, the gates of many buildings are made of iron. Of course, it is very important to choose and install them. Only in this way can we make the later use achieve the purpose of satisfaction. Let's have a brief look.
Selection of iron gate
When purchasing the iron gate, you should check the process of its products, which determines the aesthetics of the gate. Xiaobian suggests that you check the corrosion degree of the iron model in the store, and then check whether the welded flowers and leaves are solid, so as to judge the quality of the process.
At present, there are various styles of iron gates in the market, and their materials are also different. If the door of your home is relatively small, you can choose the black one; If the door in the home is very big, you can choose bronze, as for red bronze or yellow bronze or green bronze, it's up to you. The key points of choosing iron doors are: good-looking, strong and good anti-corrosion effect.
When you choose the iron gate, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the profile. At present, most iron gates use hollow pipes as raw materials. In order to save costs, some businesses use too thin pipes, which are prone to rust and corrosion, and there are safety problems. In terms of materials, attention should also be paid to rust prevention.
When purchasing the iron gate, you should also pay attention to the painting process on its surface. The iron gate with good quality looks very uniform, smooth and glossy.
Another thing to note is that when you sign a contract with the merchant, you can agree on the terms of materials and after-sales with the merchant to prevent substandard goods from passing off as good in the later construction process. In addition, the agreement of after-sales terms can prevent the phenomenon of wrangling in the later stage of the product.
After choosing Jinan Tieyi gate, it should be installed now. What should be paid attention to during installation?
1. Pay attention to the width of the gate leaf. Generally speaking, it is necessary to measure the size of the door during installation. Let's look at the width of the door leaf. If the width of the door leaf is too wide or too narrow, it is very inappropriate.
2. During the installation of the iron gate, pay attention to the levelness of the gate rail during laying, and observe whether the door swings back and forth when installed on the rail. In case of vibration, we need to adjust the track level in time.
3. To prevent the aluminum door from swinging back and forth due to different tracks, iron plates can be welded on both sides of the track and fixed with expansion screws. After completing the above steps, let's make a horizontal measurement of the track to see if the installation is appropriate. At the same time, measure the distance from the wall.
In addition, there are many businesses producing iron gates in the market. The styles of iron gates produced by each business are also different. The production technology and process of doors with different styles are also different, and the natural price is also different. You can choose the appropriate iron gates according to your home decoration budget and preferences. For more information, please visit our website at www.jnghbxg Com follow to get it!