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Iron gates are widely used in daily life. We can basically see the use of iron gates everywhere on the road. Now let's take a look at the processing points related to Jinan Iron Gate.
1. Manual treatment mainly uses abrasive cloth, scraper, hammer chisel, wire brush, waste grinding wheel and other tools. The rust scale, scale, welding slag, dust and other dirt on the surface of iron guardrail shall be removed by manual grinding, knocking, brushing and other methods.
2. Common tools for mechanical treatment include air brush, derusting gun, polishing wheel, air shovel, etc. With the help of high-frequency impact and friction of mechanical force, derusting and removing scale, old paint and other dirt.
3. Spray treatment uses mechanical centrifugation, compressed air, high-pressure water flow, etc. It is used as the power to scatter abrasives, sand and steel shot on the surface of iron guardrail to impact and grind off oxide skin, rust, old paint, molding sand, etc. 4. Chemical treatment is to soak and dissolve iron products with acid solution of special formula, and remove oxide skin, rust and oil stain through chemical reaction, which is called "pickling".
After a long time of use, we will apply a special layer of anti rust and anti-corrosion oil on the iron gate. The iron gate shall be coated with a layer of electrostatic spraying antirust oil, which is an insulating oil and has the following requirements:
(1) The appearance shall be uniform and transparent, that is, without turbidity or sediment.
(2) The electrostatic spraying antirust oil shall be easy to be electrified, the oil resistance at room temperature shall not be less than 600k, and the breakdown voltage shall not be less than 20kV. Too small oil resistance will threaten the personal safety of operators, reduce the safety and reliability of equipment, and the atomization effect of fuel injection is poor.
(3) Oiling is carried out in a humid environment, so that water can easily mix with the oil. When the water content in the oil exceeds 0.05%, it will cause serious harm to the oil supply system. In addition, water is easy to deteriorate the oil, and excessive water will emulsify the oil, affect the rust prevention effect of the oiled steel plate (strip), and reduce the oil resistance. Therefore, the water content in the oil shall not exceed 0.03%.
(4) The suspended or precipitated solid impurities left in the oil will cause the wear and blockage of the components in the oil supply pipeline, and also affect the oil quality. If the oil suction filter is blocked by impurities, it will cause insufficient suction of the oil supply pump, cavitation, vibration of the oil supply pipeline and noise.
If the fine oil filter is blocked by impurities, the filter element may break, and impurities attached to the filter element may enter the filtered pipeline. Therefore, it shall be ensured that the content of impurities in the oil is not more than 0.005%, and the particle size of impurities is not more than 0.01 mm, so that the oil filter of the oil supply system, the mandrel of the electromagnetic reversing valve and the cutting edge slot of the fuel injection beam are not blocked by impurities.
Due to scientific application, iron gate manufacturers are not easy to rust and corrosion. However, due to climate change and the formation of acid rain, rust or corrosion will inevitably occur, so more attention should be paid to its maintenance. Come to our website for more information http://www.jnghbxg.com consulting service