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Light steel structure mainly refers to "light steel structure", which generally has the following three types of construction structures: light simple rigid frame residential steel structure, cold formed thin-walled steel structure, and steel pipe structure light steel structure. Light steel structure generally uses a small carrier and has a small overall degree. Let's talk about the advantages of lightweight steel structures in cold storage.
Seismic resistance
The roofs of low-rise villas are mostly sloping roofs, so the roof structure is basically a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel components. After sealing the structural panels and gypsum boards, the lightweight steel components form a very sturdy "plate rib structure system", which has stronger seismic resistance and resistance to horizontal loads, and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity of 8 degrees or above.
Wind resistance
Jinan's lightweight steel structure building has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation capacity. The self weight of a building is only one-fifth of that of a brick concrete structure, which can withstand hurricanes of 70 meters per second and effectively protect life and property.
The light steel residential structure is entirely composed of a cold-formed thin-walled steel component system, and the steel ribs are made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, effectively avoiding the impact of steel plate corrosion during construction and use, and increasing the service life of light steel components. The structural life can reach 100 years.
Thermal insulation
The insulation material used is mainly fiberglass cotton, which has a good insulation effect. The insulation board used for the exterior wall effectively avoids the phenomenon of "cold bridge" on the wall, achieving better insulation effect. The thermal resistance value of R15 insulation cotton with a thickness of about 100mm can be equivalent to that of a 1m thick brick wall.
Sound insulation
The sound insulation effect is an important indicator for evaluating residential properties. The windows installed in the light steel system all use hollow glass, which has good sound insulation effect and can achieve a sound insulation of over 40 decibels; The wall composed of light steel keel and insulation material gypsum board can achieve a sound insulation effect of up to 60 decibels.
Dry operation construction can reduce environmental pollution caused by waste. The steel structure materials of houses can be 100% recycled, and most of other supporting materials can also be recycled, which is in line with current environmental awareness; All materials are green building materials that meet the requirements of the ecological environment and are beneficial to health.
The light steel wall adopts a high energy efficiency and energy-saving system, which has respiratory function and can adjust the indoor air dryness and humidity; The roof has a ventilation function, which can create a flowing air space above the interior of the house, ensuring the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.
All dry work construction is not affected by environmental seasons. A building of about 300 square meters can complete the entire process from foundation to decoration in just 5 workers and 30 working days.
environment protection
Materials can be 100% recycled, truly achieving green and pollution-free.
energy conservation
All adopt high energy efficiency and energy-saving walls, with good insulation, heat insulation, and sound insulation effects, which can reach a 50% energy-saving standard.
The advantages of light steel structures in cold storage have been explained to you. We hope to provide you with good help. For more information, please visit our website http://www.jnghbxg.com Let's consult!