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We should choose a suitable market price and supply company based on actual needs (usually priced at 400 or above, settlement unit is calculated in meters, quantity will be discussed separately). We remind you that due to the complexity of cost factors, there are issues with quality below the price.
Check if the process is correct and if there are professional equipment such as gas shielded welding machines, argon arc welding machines, iron forging ovens, etc. The above professional basic equipment reflects the professionalism of the enterprise and is relatively stable and reliable.
See if the strength is reliable. Is there a classic case and is it a professional iron art company. Try to stay in the same community and understand the customer's reputation.
How to distinguish the quality of iron guardrails?
Outdoor Iron Crafts Facilities
Such as courtyard gates, courtyard fences, plaques, courtyard iron decorations, etc.
Generally speaking, manufacturers consider the characteristics of outdoor environments during the production process, and strive to prevent rust, wear, corrosion, and sun protection in the selection of materials and coatings. In order to extend the service life of outdoor iron facilities, the following points should also be achieved: 1. Regular dust removal.
Outdoor dust is flying, and over time, a layer of floating dust will fall on the iron facilities. It can affect the color of iron art, leading to damage to the protective film of iron art. Therefore, outdoor iron facilities should be regularly wiped, usually with soft cotton fabric.
What is the maintenance knowledge for iron guardrails?
Pay attention to moisture prevention.
If it's just a general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured of the rust resistance of iron facilities. In case of heavy fog, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water droplets on the ironwork. In case of rain, wipe the water droplets promptly after the rain stops. Due to the rampant acid rain in most areas of China in recent years, the remaining rainwater on the ironwork should be immediately wiped dry after the rain.
The following common sense:
Avoid sulfur contact.
This is the first thing to pay attention to after purchasing iron furniture. Furniture should be handled with care during transportation: the place where iron furniture is placed should be a place where hard objects are rarely encountered. Once the place is selected, it should not change frequently. The ground where iron furniture is placed should also be kept flat, so that the four legs of the furniture can be stable and flat. If the shaking is unstable, iron furniture will deform slightly over time, affecting the lifespan of the furniture.
Clean and remove dust.
Choose pure cotton knitwear as a cloth to wipe the surface of iron furniture. For dents on furniture and dust in embossed decorations, a soft wool brush can be used to remove dust.
Stay away from acids and alkalis.
Acids and alkalis that corrode iron are the "number one killers" of iron furniture. If iron furniture accidentally gets stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid vinegar) or alkali (such as methyl alkali soap water soda water), the stain should be immediately rinsed with water and wiped dry with a dry cotton cloth.
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