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After several centuries of development, Jinan Iron Art Guardrail has gradually entered the world of mass architecture. It is beautiful in appearance, unique in technology, and has the characteristics of environmental protection and safety, and is deeply loved by people.
China's iron smelting technology has been quite mature in the Han Dynasty, and has made considerable development after combining with the iron guardrail technology. At the beginning, the guardrails in China were only some fences with safety protection effects, which were not artistic and had no own style, and simply imitated European production. Later, with the development of production technology, it gradually integrated into the domestic cultural and artistic heritage, and formed an artistic style with domestic classical meaning based on the western elegant style, which is elegant, simple, both rigid and soft, and pleasing to the eye.
I believe everyone has seen the iron fence. It can be seen outside the villa or government agency. According to a survey report of the domestic real estate industry, two out of five villas use iron guardrails, and the iron guardrails produced in China each year account for 30% of all iron products. This is already a large amount.
In modern times, the iron fence has become a powerful measure for building decoration and urban environmental renovation. The production technology of the iron fence has been quite mature, and it is unique in both shape and color. In the future society, the iron fence will have a high quality and grade, and its application will be promoted.
1. One of the advantages: customizable
The height, width and style are generally unlimited and can be customized, especially the styles are more diverse and can make more shapes.
2. Advantage 2: durability
Iron guardrail is a guardrail with a longer service life than cast iron guardrail and aluminum alloy guardrail. Because the materials used are relatively thick, some of them use Maanshan steel castings and molded steel bars. If properly used and maintained, the service life will be longer, which is also one of the very important reasons why consumers choose iron guardrails.
3. Advantage 3: surface paint treatment
The manufacturing process of iron guardrail is molding - welding - polishing - hot galvanizing or electrophoresis or antirust paint treatment - then electrostatic spraying - special color treatment molding. If the surface of iron guardrail is properly treated, the service life can be extended to a greater extent.
4. Advantage 4: special era flavor - archaize - European style
The reason why many people choose the iron fence now is that the iron fence and the decoration style are unified, which can better set off the sense of the times of the building.
5. Five advantages: historical continuation
Iron products have always existed in history, especially in some European countries, which have always had the tradition of using iron guardrails, which can more set off the classical beauty of buildings.
The above is the reason why the iron fence is durable. If you need it, you can contact us at any time http://www.jnghbxg.com Ask about shopping!